Quick Strikes: Max Domi doesn’t get suspended for his antics (sort of)

And a rant about how the Montreal Canadiens are a heaping pile of garbage.

The Bolts

Managing Editor Alan uses some fascinating combinations of WAR statistics to find the best under-23 rosters in the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning aren’t that high, but they’re higher than they were in Corey Pronman’s article. [Raw Charge]

In this exercise, we’re going to be explicit in our methodology and use a single measure of value (WAR) as a common currency that we can use for the ranking. WAR is ideal for this purpose because it takes lots of information and weighs it quantitatively to arrive at one number. In Pronman’s approach, he takes lots of information and weighs it qualitatively to arrive at one number.

Geo has a look at what the bottom-six could look like for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Hint: it’s pretty good. [Raw Charge]

Cirelli played every game down the stretch and through the playoffs. While not an offensive dynamo, it’s hard for him to not put up points next to Killorn and Gourde on the third line. He’s a strong defensive center with speed that can keep up with Gourde. A 40 point campaign between those two is not out of the question and he’ll be a key penalty killer, which adds to his value to the team.

I know Lexi and J.T. Brown aren’t with the Lightning anymore, but they’re still family. Also this story about Lexi and Steve Yzerman is great.

Serendipitous: (ser·en·dip·i·tous) “occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

Behind Julien BriseBois' 'serendipitous' rise to Lightning general manager

Caley Chelios has been doing a lot more video with the Bolts, and boy, it’s just great. Here’s her 1-on-1 with Nikita Kucherov. Here’s part 1, in case you missed it.

I know you know what makes Steven Stamkos so great, but you have to admit it’s a fun, new experience hearing it from the NHL Network guys.

The Crunch

Syracuse Crunch training camp is on the horizon. We will most likely see the majority of the players who will be on the Crunch next year leave training camp sometime before Tuesday in order to be ready for AHL try-outs. Thing’s are getting real!

Oh, and this:

Below is a breakdown of where the Crunch will be and when.

The Syracuse Crunch will open its preseason next week on the home ice of the Syracuse University women’s team.

The Crunch is practicing at SU’s Tennity Ice Pavilion while the finishing touches are being put on upgrades at the War Memorial.

Crunch takes preseason on the road to Syracuse University

Please don’t, Connor. You have a job.

The Game

After mugging Aaron Ekblad in a preseason game on Wednesday, Max Domi has been suspended for the remainder of the preseason. In other words, a laughable punishment for a young player who has now learned he can do that kind of crap and get away with it.

Also congratulations go out to the Montreal Canadiens for once again going out of their way to bring in only the most righteous and honorable people into their organization. After years of hard work, that locker room finally has the enviable degree of character the late Jean Beliveau would be proud of.

Or not.

They traded PK Subban. They traded Max Pacioretty. They ghosted one of the most respected and cherished defensemen the 109-year-old franchise has ever known in Andrei Markov. All of these people were top players in this league WHO WANTED TO STAY. All widely agreed upon to be good people with good character, and Marc Bergevin (and Geoff Molson) left them on the side of the curb for nothing. Nothing.

Now, all they have is a Carey Price they ruined because they just had to rush him during a lost season after his injury (for eight more years), an old and busted Shea Weber (for eight more years), Karl Alzner (for four more years somehow), Andrew freaking Shaw, Max freaking Domi, zero (0) centers, and $7 million in cap space.

God, that team is such a disgrace and embarassment to the storied and legendary franchise that used to be Les Habitants.


Panthers’ Roberto Luongo Calls Out Canadiens’ Max Domi After Sucker Punch

I wouldn’t want to see Max Domi’s face either.

Uhh, so I guess some other stuff happened in the NHL? Wanna talk about it?

Here’s some good news: Erik Karlsson probably won’t sign an extension with the San Jose Sharks because of some weird CBA rules the NHL is making up on the fly. Maybe the Montreal Canadiens will find a way to not get a meeting with him, too.  [The Athletic]

What’s also important to note here is that only San Jose will be able to sign him to eight years from Feb. 25 through June 30, unless of course they trade him during that time, which is very, very unlikely as the Sharks are all-in. The only way any other club will get to put eight years in front of Karlsson will be via a sign-and-trade with San Jose after the season but before July 1, which we still haven’t seen in this CBA.

Highlight of the Night: is back. And so is Ilya Kovalchuk.