Quick Strikes: Nikita Kucherov has an 89 ranking in EA’s NHL 18

Kucherov should be higher! And also, Shane Doan retires.

The Bolts

EA Sports has released their Top 50 player ratings for the NHL 18 video game. Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid tops the list with a 93 overall rating and there are a few Tampa Bay Lightning players not too far behind. “The captain is rated as the 9th best player in this year’s edition of NHL 18. He is also the 4th best center on the list. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, Stamkos has been an elite goal scorer for his entire career and there is little reason to doubt his ability to carry the offensive load for the Lightning this season.” [Raw Charge]

In day 3 of Six Days of Stralman, we look at the best moments in Anton’s career. “Stralman was not put on this earth to effortlessly glide from one end of the ice to the other with the puck and score with ease (that’s Victor Hedman’s job). Stralman was created so that the phrases “Stralman breaks up the rush” and “pass knocked away by Stralman” could be repeated over and over for Lightning fans.” [Raw Charge]

This one didn’t make the cut, but it’s my favourite:

Anton Stralman arrives in Brandon for training camp and speaks with Bryan Burns about Sweden’s 2017 IIHF World Championship victory that he and teammate Victor Hedman played an integral role in. “It was pretty incredible," Stralman said of the experience. "I think, especially the reception we got when we got back to Sweden, was out of this world. I don't think any of us could have thought that many people would come out to celebrate with us and really receive us in a magnificent way.”

Peter Budaj also spoke to the media about his thoughts on the goaltending this season. “This is a great organization, a successful organization so far. We know what's our goal. I know what everybody wants to do here in Tampa from the staff to the players. We want to start making the playoffs and then go all the way.” [NHL dot com]

The Prospects

This kid knows what he’s talking about, make him the starter!

Congrats to Stefany!

The Game

Life-long Winnipeg Jet/Pheonix/Arizona Coyote Shane Doan has announced his retirement from the NHL at the age of 41. [Five For Howling]

In one of my first Quick Strikes I shared with you that Alex Semin has retired from hockey and is pursuing a university degree. Well... That was only half correct. According to Russian Machine Never Breaks, Semin will still be looking to get his degree, but he wants to play hockey at the same time. “They will provide me with a personalized study program so that I can keep playing. A degree is never a bad thing, it will definitely come in handy in 10 years or so.” - Alex Semin [RMNB]