Quick Strikes: Happy one year anniversary of the Drouin for Sergachev trade!

I wonder if Marc Bergevin learned from his mistake.

The Bolts

Today is the one year anniversary of the Mikhail Sergachev for Jonathan Drouin trade, which is ironic because last night the Montreal Canadiens made a trade for an RFA winger with off-ice issues for a player fans were screaming deserved proper usage. Alex Galchenyuk is heading to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Max Domi, one for one. [Sportsnet]

For more details and analysis of the trade, please go to Habs Eyes on the Prize. They are one of those top english-speaking Canadiens outlets and they push content out like a factory.

Instant Analysis: The Canadiens are on the losing end of the Galchenyuk-Domi trade

So while we’re laughing at the Habs for making yet another desperation trade and only acquiring a winger in return for a young, promising, former top prospect, let’s look back at the Sergachev for Drouin deal and see who’s ahead after one year. [The Hockey Writers]

By spending close to three-quarters of a season playing meaningful minutes next to one of the Lightning’s best defenders, Sergachev was able to learn how to play at the NHL level without being exposed as a complete rookie. While he was far from perfect in this role, his bad mistakes were often covered up by the stalwart play of Stralman.

“When you’ve found out you’re winner”

Saturday summer street hockey is coming back to Syracuse this July. Montgomery Street. Be there! [Syracuse Crunch]

Summer Street Crunch is a series of street hockey games open to all kids between the ages of 5-14. Games are held on four Saturdays in July and August. Two teams compete against each other in hour-long games. Helmets, sticks and sneakers (no skates) are required. All games will be held at 9 a.m. outside the War Memorial Arena on Montgomery Street.

The Game

Voices of the Game: Achariya is kicking off her comeback tour with a series of deep and thought-provoking interviews with some amazing people in and around the industry of sport. One such example is former ESPN hockey writer and now managing editor of The Athletic Detroit, Katie Strang. [Raw Charge]

Perhaps something changed when Strang was afforded this flexibility. No longer bound by the constraints of traditional media, she was handed the reigns and editorial control to begin covering the kinds of social issues that are vital to sports in general, but not covered as thoroughly as they could be.

In the second to last recap of the SB Nation mock draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs make a trade and the New York Rangers take Ryan McLeod with the draft pick we gave them. [Raw Charge]

In previous posts in this series, I’ve complimented the Flyers twice. First, when they picked Rasmus Kupari. And again when they picked Vitaly Kravtsov. I’m going to have to compliment them again because Lundkvist is another smart high upside pick at a prime position. Right handed defenders are so hard to find and the Flyers have grabbed one with lots of potential here.

And to close this Quick Strike, two pieces of information on the Ottawa Senators.

First, 10 days after charges of harassment were laid on Randy Lee, the Ottawa Senators have finally suspended their assistant general manager. [Silver Seven Sens]

On this site and in other places, many believed this to be the best course of action by the team. Suspending Randy Lee with pay allows the court process to take place (and for the Sens to possibly do their own internal investigation) without jumping to the conclusion that Lee is innocent and therefore allowing Lee to continue his role interacting with teenage prospects.

The second piece of news is that the Hoffmans are trying to win back public opinion regarding the fallout after Melissa Karlsson filed an order of protection from Hoffman’s fiancee’s cyber-bullying. The Ottawa Citizen has released an exclusive interview with the couple, citing civility between the two families. In an attempt to look like the good guys, Monika Caryk made sure to throw shots at a few of the hockey wives who have called her out on her b.s., you know, like most nice people do. [Silver Seven Sens]

Unsurprisingly, she denies the allegations. She claims sympathy for the Karlssons and that she has been attacked via email by Taylor Winnik (wife of Daniel Winnik). She also claims, along with Mike Hoffman, to have reached out to Erik Karlsson to try to solve the problem but with no response until they sat it on social media. The couple have hired a lawyer in the interest of clearing their names. To me, the money quote was “Melinda and I weren’t best friends, but we weren’t enemies. We were civil.” This suggests to me that there were likely some disagreements between the two in the past.