Quick Strikes: Ryan Drama on the West Coast

Examining the Ryan Kesler vs Ryan Johansen beef that randomly appeared on Twitter yesterday

The Bolts

Have we mentioned Martin St. Louis is going into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning? Well he is and everyone is very excited by it.

Lightning goalie coach Frantz Jean hooked up with Tony Martino of the Toronto Maple Leafs and made a beautiful summer goalie camp in Chicago together. Good work, guys!

This might be double sacrilege, but I’m going to link to my own work in yesterday’s Quick Strike because I splurged on some good goalie talk in it. Also it’s the summer, nothing’s going on, and I can do what I want. Yeah! [Raw Charge]

In that 2020 summer, Brayden Point, Mikhail Sergachev, and Anthony Cirelli will all either be on or need a second contract as they come out of their ELCs. Judging by current trends, those contracts won’t be cheap. Cirelli might be able to go on a bridge deal, but Point will definitely want big money. Only the Ryan Callahan contract comes off the books in that summer, so money will definitely be tight.

The Prospects

Mathieu Joseph is at “Piknic Électronik Montréal” and is looking jacked.

« It was way more than a two dolla hollaaa »

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The Game

So, out of nowhere, Ryan Kesler threw out this tweet on Twitter. Keeping in mind the man is injured and won’t be close to a return to the ice until November. Also, he’s a dirt-bag when on the ice.

Ryan Johansen? Where’s the beef between those two?


Ryan Kesler responds to Ryan Johansen: 'He's not my friend' - Sportsnet.ca



Okay, now I see it.

But on August 5th? Where did that come from?

civic holiday - Google Search



Anyway, Johansen responded. Not with a quote tweet or anything. That would be silly.

Relative to most sports, this is very vague and vanilla. But for the most vanilla sport in North America, this is a BOMBSHELL! Can’t wait to hear about it at every press conference during the regular season...

And lastly, cliff diving with Lindsay Vonn and PK Subban! Have a great week :)