Quick Strikes: Stamkos returns to the World Cup rink

But without a Leaf on his jersey.

The Bolts

Before we start the news about Stamkos returning, here’s a fun piece by Bob McKenzie about how he ran into Mike Commodore, Uber driver. [TSN]

It would be difficult to ignore the fact that Steven Stamkos is back in Toronto, where he used to live, apparently. He's since insisted that he considers Tampa his second home, to the extent that he signed an eight-year contract to remain with the organization, but that doesn't mean there won't be a million articles with slugs just like this one:

"Steven Stamkos makes his first return to Toronto on Tuesday night after electing to re-sign with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the offseason rather than entertain an offer from the Maple Leafs." [Fox Sports]

He really tried to be emphatic about his peace and happiness. Look for one of Saima's accessibility transcripts of this great interview later today!

"[A]s Stamkos sets to face the Leafs at the Air Canada Centre Tuesday for the first time since spurning Toronto in June to re-up with Tampa Bay on eight-year, $68 million deal, it's a decision both sides seem at peace with." [Tampa Bay Times]

"There he was on Monday, the local kid an entire city once thought could be the so-called saviour of Toronto’s NHL team, skating at the Maple Leafs practice facility, wearing the same shade of dark blue jersey the Maple Leafs do for home games." [National Post]

"After re-signing with the Lightning, the circus surrounding Stamkos in Toronto dies down." [Tampa Bay Lightning]

In non-Stamkos news, Tasha St. Pierre at Bolts by the Bay wrote a retrospective of Valtteri Filppula's Tampa Bay Lightning career, pointing out that he's scored in every game this season in which the Bolts have won. [Bolts by the Bay]

This was a nice preview of the Bolts-Leafs game by Rick Peckham and Bryan Burns:

The Rest of Hockey

Who has played the most hockey so far this season? The Jets' Dustin Byfuglien. [Puck Daddy]

In preparation for a column by one of our own Raw Charge staff, read up on last weekend's Heritage Classic. It was apparently very good for the Winnipeg economy. [Global News]

Rolling Stone has a small fixation with Jaromir Jagr and how he seems to defy age. But really, who doesn't? "Last season, coming off an overtime loss to Philadelphia when most players were dogged and getting some sleep, Jagr shared a late-night photo on Instagram. He was in the gym, working out." [Rolling Stone]

The ice is seriously not good at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. [Lighthouse Hockey]

John Tavares doesn't consider himself an actor, but he's trying his hardest for the sake of the Islanders. "The director had a request for John Tavares: 'Do you know any good Canadian jokes?'" [Toronto Star]

What's happening with the Maple Leafs today? Some player shuffling up and down the ranks, and a bit of a mess in goal. [Pension Plan Puppets]

Steve Dangle is still sad about trading Anton Stralman. [Sportsnet]

And I wrote about the Toronto goaltender who is hard at work in Orlando. [Pension Plan Puppets]