Quick Strikes: Super Mega All-Star Weekend GIF Edition

Karlsson, Tavares, Subban to the Bolts, Boyler, and Pirates!

Day 1 of All-Star Weekend was easily one of the most fun days on hockey twitter, and for those lucky enough, at the events.

Raw Charge Overlord [Overlady imo. - Acha] has tasked me with completing a task that I have been training for my entire life for: talk about it all.

The Bolts

Good morning!

It looks like shots of many varieties are on the table.

You guys get to live here every day???? No fair!

Oh, don’t worry. I’ll have a whole section on this!

All the tampering ;)


Fan Zones are some of the best things for kids and people who don’t care if they look like kids.



Two minutes for High-Sticking!

Okay, who on the staff has been stalking the residents again?

More Views (I love the color scheme)

Get hyped Some Dancing Man!

The bots have arrived.

And now for some head shots



Brian Boyle. Need I say more?

Erik Karlsson

This segment will include quotes by Karlsson taken from this article during media availability on Saturday.


On his buddy Victor Hedman not being able to be on the ice.

I’m a little frustrated about that but not much you can do obviously. I’m staying at his house for the weekend so that’s nice and we’ll get to spend some time together which is rare on occasions like this. He’s still going to be around and he said he’ll be at the rink both tonight and tomorrow so we’ll get some quality time in together.

These two. Same pairing. Now, please.


It’s always fun to see the guys and to see the type of show each host city puts on. Here you’ve got the weather on your side so it’ll be a little bit different from some of the other ones but it’s always a fun and relaxing time. The city is busy and everyone is buzzing so it’s going to be a good few days here I think. I think we’re all going to have a good time in Tampa.

Hmm... Sens twitter senses it too

We don’t discriminate :)

Woah, wait. I thought this guy had talent? Whatta bum.

PK Subban

If PK ever decided to start a Vlog channel...


(Seriously, if Subban did color for his own games, would anyone object?)


We’ll work on your finish after the trade papers get finalized.

Prepping for the long playoff run. That’s what I like to see.

As I was stalking twitter I found this epic clip but I couldn’t think of a clever excuse to put it in...

Can we have him too?



The pirates are just keeping it in Tampa until June. Then it’ll be official.

Who says pirates aren’t coordinated.

What an epic photo.

Another one.

Cap’n of the World and cap’n of our hearts.


BRYZ! This day just got humongous big!

Even the parrot booed

I guess dogs and birds don’t get along. #Coyotes

Blasted! Okay, but we’re still getting it in June.

Ron MacLean

Even Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean got in on the Gasparilla action! In other news, I now see why Americans think Canadians are goofy as heck.

Boss thinks so too. Yo ho!

Sorry, Dave. As a Canadian I feel obligated to buy you a drink when I come down to visit. That’s a promise!

The Mascots


Action shots!

Stop eating the locals, please.

Hey, where’s everyone in the standings? (sorry, that was mean)

The League

And finally — seriously, how long is this? — some action shots from the ACTUAL EVENT; the Skills Competition.

Uhh.. Did I say action? Ugh typical teenagers... or 21-year-olds... same thing.

We all know that one friend who actually tries.

Hillary Knight probably had the fasted Accuracy Shooting time of all the players who tried!


Seriously, are any of the big UFA defensemen any good at all???

See, it’s not that hard.

Two gud Canadian boys.

Love you too, Ovi.

We are at the end. Congradulations on completing the longest Quick Strikes in the history of ever!