Quick Strikes: Get to know who you’re cheering for in Junior and College leagues this year

And Brayden Point’s success in his sophomore season

The Bolts

Brayden Point has made himself very valuable to the Tampa Bay Lightning after one short yet impressive season. Let’s hope he can build on a very good rookie campaign. “With a healthy roster around him, hopefully, he should be given plenty of opportunities to shine and show that not all of Tampa Bay's talent lies within their big names.” [Hockey Buzz]

The Prospects

Apart from the NHL and AHL, where else do Tampa Bay Lightning prospects play? Well, Raw Charge has provided a lovely cheering guide for all Bolts prospects in Major Junior and in College. [Raw Charge]

Get to know where the top 25 NHL prospects in college programs are playing. Hint: most of them are at Boston University. “Teams are surely keeping close tabs on the action to see how their top prospects are coming along on the road to the Frozen Four.” [SB Nation]

The Crunch

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. “The owners of the Syracuse Chiefs and the Syracuse Crunch were both previously Men of Teal. Both teams hosted ovarian cancer nights, during which they passed around teal ribbons and ovarian cancer symptom cards to women around the stadium to spread awareness.” [The Daily Orange]

The Game

Our very own @loseroints was on the Winging It In Motown podcast the other day. Give it a listen, please! [Winging it in Motown]

Canadian hockey icon Hayley Wickenheiser has made it her duty to help grow hockey in China. "We've been connected with various levels of the government [in China]. The hockey system used to be run by the government and they would sort of just run it from the top down. Now the way that hockey is sort of being approached, it's much more similar to the way that we do it here in Canada and the USA where the Chinese Ice Hockey Association is sort of going through a rebirth.” I highly recommend reading the entire article, Hayley’s story is very unique. [NHL dot com]

“I’m sorry, but the [Summer] can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause [it’s] dead.” Good luck to all the kids starting a new school year, I hope everyone had a wonderful last long weekend before the Fall grind!