Quick Strikes: the Tampa Bay Lightning have a new third jersey

Please don’t think they’re cursed because we lost in them. They’re still cool!

The Bolts

The Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled their brand spanking new third jerseys right before playing the suddenly streaking St. Louis Blues on Thursday night. The game ended up being a frustrating loss, but not one that should cause much concern. We have to remember that we have it pretty good if we are concerned about a two-game losing streak. [Raw Charge]

Jon Cooper mentioned during his presser that the team had some bad habits creep back into their game. “We try to pass it into the net”, was the quote he provided when he explained the first half troubles this evening. It’s a minor thing since this team has shown the ability to right the ship quite well this season, but it’s always something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Speaking of jerseys, Geo from the RC offices went down to the game, like he normally does, and got a bunch of really nice pictures of the threads in action. Check out the site’s Twitter account for more pictures.

Here they are in moving picture form:

And in case you missed it, Andrei Vasilevskiy also debuted a new mask. It has a cat on it!

Our Captain is a year from 30. I’m not crying, you are. Okay, I lied, I’m crying too.

Some rascals over in Toronto had the clever idea that they should hire Steve Yzerman away from us. That’s cute of them, but no. [The Leafs Nation]

Not only would he get the chance to win, but he already has familiar faces within the Leafs organization. Brendan Shanahan has turned the ship around for the team in Toronto and with his former teammate, they could win the cup as players and as executives together.

The Prospects

Here’s a cool idea. Stefany Gale, who is the Creative Services and Promotions Manager for the Syracuse Crunch got the chance to shadow a day in the life of the Tampa Bay Lightning presentations team.

Olivier Archembault is back from his injury, and is staying in Orlando for the time being.

Cory Conacher is the best and no one can convince me of anything different. What a great player and person.

The Game

The Colorado Avalanche should be sellers, says Tom Hunter, who for some reason still has a desk in the Raw Charge offices. I should just take it over at this point, right? [Mile High Hockey]

That said, if Sakic does decide to become a seller ahead of the deadline, he’s going to have to decide how far he wants to go. Does he move out guys on expiring contracts like Colin Wilson and Patrik Nemeth or is it time to take a longer look at selling off some of the guys that were once seen as a part of the team’s core?

Claude Giroux continues to get no respect in the league, and especially by the NHL Network, and Flyers fans are getting pretty sassy about it. [Broad Street Hockey]

I mean it. I am completely serious. Is this a joke to you? It isn’t to me. I am not joking. I am not laughing. This is an incredibly grim matter, and there is no smile on my face, nary even those little corner-of-the-mouth twitches when you feel like you’re about to smile, or even that brief exhale through the nose that you do when you’re sort-of laughing at something you see while scrolling through social media. None of that. I am angry. I feel deep, righteous fury.

Sam Reinhart doesn’t need Jack Eichel to produce offense. He is a star in his own right and the myth that he is just a secondary piece is a myth. [Die By The Blade]

Reinhart had two points and the game-winning shootout goal in a 5-4 victory over the Wild. He did this while playing on two lines, neither of which with Eichel. He set up C.J. Smith for his second career goal with a beautiful pass early in the second period. Later in the game, he scored their fourth goal while playing with Conor Sheary and Casey Mittelstadt.

Red Bull Crashed Ice is arriving the Fenway Park in Boston on Friday, and some hockey players are going to be involved in the testing and media day. Thursday gave us some pretty GIF-able moments. The Ice Garden staff decided to ask themselves what a full hockey-player Crashed Ice tournament would look like. It’s pretty funny. [The Ice Garden]

This Friday and Saturday, Red Bull is bringing their Crashed Ice event to the iconic Fenway Park in Boston. Red Bull-sponsored Les Canadiennes de Montreal player Hilary Knight will be on hand as a judge for the freestyle event Friday. But first, she — and Boston Pride players Brittany Ott, Lexi Bender, and Jordan Smelker — will be testing out the course on this afternoon, during a media day for the weekend.

Highlight of the Night: Brittany Ott, you’re not helping the stereotype on goalies!