Raw Charge at large - let's hear it from the fans

You know how you come here to read about the Tampa Bay Lightning? Well, so do we. So if you've got something you need to say, or feel like there's something we're missing that ought to be addressed, then you need to share it!

You've been holding out on us. We just know it. How can you do that to friends? I mean, seriously, I thought we had something going on here.

What? You're not sure how to go about it? Well, why didn't you say that in the first place?! Getting stuff out of you guys is like pulling teeth sometimes. Geez.

You see that list over there to the right? Yeah. That one. The one that lists MTBoltFan and Katchis as authors. Well, they don't write for us. They're readers just like you.

But above that, there's this box that says "Raw Charge", and in that it has the words "New", "Edit", and "View".  A "FanPost" is a story, and a "FanShot" is a quote, video clip, link, or blurb. Go ahead and click on one of those. Explore. It should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, then feel free to ask us either with a comment or an email (see the bottom of the page).

It's really that simple. All we ask is that it's easy to read (don't forget to spell check and use paragraphs as necessary!), and that you're respectful. We do reserve the right to promote posts to the front page, to make minor edits or to ask you to make some edits, and also to delete it if it doesn't live up to our meager requirements.

It's the playoffs. The Lightning have happily made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Tell us what you think about that - or about the players or the coaching. Heck, so long as it's related to the Lightning or the NHL, we're pretty much good with it.

Sooo...what do you think about the playoffs so far? Pretty good, huh? Can't wait for the Eastern Conference Finals to start?