RE: Craig Adams

Finally, after days of silence, Eric Erlendsson at the Tribune finally breaks the media silence of Craig Adams slashing attack on Tim Taylor in the final minutes of Tampa's victory over Carolina.

Oh sure, the play was replayed on ESPN but doing a search on Google yesterday brought nothing from the online media with regards to the incident. This is the reason why the Todd Bertuzzi suspension is sickening -- it's not supposed to be for what happened because of the attack, but the attack itself. Too many guys are getting away with cheap shots, clutching and grabbing and worse on ice, and league officials are scared to show any type of policing.

Get rid of the instigator, will you? Let enforcers take care of these cheap shot artists and give a firm, "Don't mess with my team-mate" message to players who play like goons - as Todd Bertuzzi (and arguably Steve Moore after the Naslund hit that gained him such revilement from Vancouver in the first place) and Craig Adams respective incidents have made them out to be,

Speaking of retaliation and revenge that spawned the Bertuzzi/Moore incident -- the Bolts host the Canes on Saturday in the final meeting between the two teams.