Recapping the Raw Charge Season Previews

If you missed it, we ran a series of posts this week previewing the Tampa Bay Lightning season that starts...tonight, actually. Hey, imagine that. Previews...season starting...that's just all kinds of craziness right there.

In order to look ahead, we need to know where we're coming from. This is the case for teams as well as for people. You can't fix what's broken if you don't look back and evaluate to see what's broke.

So, to quote that zany and immortal writer Douglas Adams:

"To summarize the summary of the summary...."

Season Preview Part 1: "All In" - 2010-11 season recap

Season Preview Part 2: Whose line is it anyway? - Who's in, who's out

Season Preview Part 3: The good and the bad - Three strengths, three weaknesses

Season Preview Part 4: Projected line combos and depth

Season Preview Part 5: 2011-12 season predictions

Season Preview Part 6: What other people are saying

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