Referees in Playoff form

Personally, I'm tired of hearing Bobby Taylor complain about referees every game...

...but tonight was an absolute joke of a performance by said refs. Non calls, flagrant fouls and hands-off officiating was very much apparent. Some people may approve of these things for the sake of continuity of the game -- but seeing there are actual rules to be enforced by those zany zebras, they ought to think about doing it sometime.


Enough of my complaining... The Bolts won on the shootout tonight, and that was a crazywickedawesome backhand shot by Vincent Lecavalier during the shootout... I mean just plain WOW! Brad Richards sealed the shootout win by going top-shelf on Eddie Belfour after Mats Sundin and Alexei Ponikarovsky both missed there shots on Sean Burke. Mats was a clean stop by Burke while Ponikarovsky's shot was deflected off the post.

The Bolts played lax in the first, giving up a goal to Chad Kilger... The fans in the building were left to wonder if the Lightning would show up tonight... And then Lightning struck. For the second time this week, a goal was scored with only tenths of a second left on the clock as Brad Richards scored to tie the game at one.

Former Bolt Darcy Tucker (back in the young-and-scrappy rebuilding days) gave the Leafs the lead back midway through the second, and it took the Bolts until the third to tie the game again... Ryan Craig, who continues to wow with his work ethic in front of the net, scored on the power play to tie the game up at 2.

In the end, the Bolts took 39 shots... Yet those watching the game can probably recall several dozen opportunities where any member of the Lightning decided to spin around or pass the puck instead of shooting at Belfour... Besides the refs, this had to be the biggest frustration of the night for Bolt fans (that or the Three-Stooges routine during penalty kills).