Technical and off topic mumbo jumbo here...

I'd like to point out that, for a year or so, I have had in my ownership a domain name of a site that I thought went dead... Tampa Bay Sports Net (the domain name is I snatched the domain up when it expired and have held onto it for safe keeping and possible use in the future. If you visit the domain, it currently points here (as does Raw Lightning)

While doing some research on Friday for a friend, I happened across... well? Tampa Bay Sports Net -- the same Tampa Bay Sports Net that had previously owned said domain name. I've attempted to contact them through email and through their site (contact form is broken) because I had no malicious intentions when I snatched up this domain name. I was and am hoping to return to it's proper owner.

So let me publicly request someone at get in touch with me if they'd like their domain name returned to them. Thanks.