Well, the NHL can do it and so can I...

Behold the new site and all it's glory (or fugliness if your opinion takes you that way). In fact this relaunch goes a bit further than the look of the site. The domain name that I'm planning to switch over to in the future from Boltsmag is RawLightning.

The fact is that when I launched this site in February 2004, I was using the fact that the domain name of Boltsmag was already recognized by Lightning fans and it would be a way to market the site faster... Yet my own posts since - that can be brash or just full of grammatical or spelling errors, also strewn with profanity on any given triad - can come off rather raw at times. Also the fact I'm not a magazine and the title "Boltsmag" suggests the site is a Lightning publication.

Fear not - will be operating for the foreseeable future but I do plan to change the logo to reflect changes on the site. that new logo and the site moving in full to the new domain probably won't happen until the season starts.

Thanks go out to my freind Matt for helping me with the graphics and helpign me discover site issues in other browsers.