Results: Raw Charge jersey design contest

Earlier this summer, we pitched the Raw Charge jersey design contest to the masses. The rules were simple: take our site name, perhaps take our colors or the Tampa Bay Lightning's colors, and mock-up a jersey design.

While we didn't offer any contest prizes, we did still gather a total of seven submissions from six participants. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the timeout to throw something together and submit. Not all the submissions are posted, and that's not a slight toward the entrants.

We chose a winners by popular vote among myself and Raw Charge staff members Cassie McClellan, Nolan Whyte, Matt "Don't Trade Vinny" Amos and Clark Brooks.

Below the jump are the top five entries as voted by the staff.

5th Place / Honorable Mention: Clark Brooks


Yeah, yeah, yeah... He's a staff member. We never set forth rules that eliminated staff from participating. He design was in jest... or was it? It earned our laughs and earned a place in the top five with votes:

4th Place / Honorable Mention: DigDeep


Rangers fans and Raw Charge regulars know that Digger's got mad Photoshop skills. He was the only entrant who took advantage of the multiple-submission allowance. His design here gets insanely intricate with circuitry. Thomas Edison would indeed be proud! The designs are a main (home) and alternate.

3rd Place: DigDeep


Digger's first submission proved to be more popular among the staff than his second (more detailed) design.

2nd Place: Caleb Fuller


Like Digger's designs, Caleb made an effort not just on the jersey but the logo design itself. He was also the only participant who rendered a home and away version of the jersey.

1st Place: EminenceFrontPuckdrawn_hockey_jersey_template_v2_josh_frank_medium

Ultimately, the winning design among staff vote. Eminence (aka Josh Frank of Studio Machine) used a simple yet clean design and logo design that invoked action and energy.

So what do you think? How would you vote? Leave a comment and discuss the designs.

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