Rick Tocchet - what do fans think?

With the season in it's waning games, it's getting around that time where we should be reflecting on what has transpired over the course of the last few months.

In some lights, it's highly difficult to fairly gauge Interim Head Coach Rick Tocchet -- the team record alone says he has done a poor job, but the fans know of the situation he inherited.  There was a great deal of baggage lumped onto his shoulders from the Barry Melrose Error Era: a poorly conditioned team, an unstable roster that was put together in a hasty fashion, a team that had been using a round-about-trap system through an abbreviated training camp and learning-on-Vacation European Tour...

All of which were presented a rather large hurdle to try to overcome.

Still wearing Interim next to his title of Head Coach, Tocchet would look at those reasons as excuses.

I had credited the start of Tocchet's tenure not so much as the day he took over, but December 18th.  It was the first game after an in-season training camp but that's not a universally accepted truth, now is it?

So we here at RawCharge ask you to rate Tocchet's job performance.  We'd also love to hear, through comments, about pluses and minuses from decisions and games that lead to your rating.

Season ending Poll - Rank Rick Tocchet