Rumors of Barrie's demise have been exaggerated

After late-Friday's pair of reports came out, directly contradicting each other and confusing those following the ballad of Len Barrie, it seems like it'd only be a matter of time until the other shoe falls and one source was proven correct over another.

And we have a winner.  The St. Petersburg Times, reporting on Barrie's talks with Anthony Sansone Jr. was indeed correct, while the waving-the-white-flag reports from the Globe and Mail were proven at least premature.

The Victoria Times Colonist reports that Barrie is still very much in the game:

Len Barrie Monday dismissed a weekend media report that he is about to skate away from his co-ownership of the National Hockey League's Tampa Bay Lightning.

But this very well could change int eh next four days as Barrie reveals:

"We're working away on this and it will be decided by Friday," said Barrie.

We'll know more as the week progresses... It's certainly going to be interesting to see how this plays out.