Scouts Honor

While MLB prepares for it's draft next week, the NHL prepares for it's non-draft in a couple of weeks. Erik at the Tribune chimes in on the possibility the draft will be on as scheduled:

Though the draft has been canceled, if a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached, a draft will be held prior to the start of the 2005-06 season. Rumors have surfaced about hotel space being booked in New York for June 25, with the draft likely being held NFL-style with teams sending representatives while the scouting staffs work from their home cities.But no matter when the draft is held, Feaster said the team is ready.

If we're on the verge of a CBA deal as is being widely rumored (with Tom Benjamin trying to make sure people don't get too hopeful ) it would be nice to see one thing happen as planned - even if it isn't in Toronto. That being the NHL draft.