SE Movement

Bobby Holik has joined the Atlanta Thrashers... He's going to average 3.47 Million Dollars through his three year deal... And with that deal I wonder why his signing took precedence to Heatly's and Kovalachuk's?

As you already probably know, the Florida Panthers have signed Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyke. On a very young roster, these two will serve both as mentors and Keenan Henchmen to instill Iron Mike's will on the club. I expect more before everything is said and done.

The Carolina Hurricanes have traded for Mike Commadore... Make fun of his hair if you will but I look forward to seeing Mike on a more regular basis. He earned my respect for mouthing off early in the lockout and not taking back his comments.

Nothing major from Washington yet... Like the Lightning, I believe the Capitals are concerned about taking care of their own - we'll see about that shortly.