Season High

As the holiday season has passed it's apex, maybe so has the downfall of the Lightning franchise? One could hope, right?

Two wins in a row... I believe that's a season high, and shows you how horribly the Lightning have played this year. None the less, it's two positives for this team which has been surrounded by negatives for far too long.

I took the win at Pittsburgh Tuesday Night as a gift -- the Penguins have all the firepower it shoudl take to render the Lightning dead on arrival. Instead, the Penguins played Tuesday's game as if they were already on vacation. Why be bothered with such a thing as winning a should-win match-up with the bottom dwellers of the NHL?

And last night's game at Sunrise versus the Florida Panthers was a spirited effort with an ugly constant from the season sus far -- a regulation collapse leading to overtime and the shootout. All too often this season, the Lightning have found themselves in this situation -- defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, perhaps.

Yet, what happens? With a shootout lineup that is not the top-heavy lineup that so often rears it's head (Lecavalier, St. Louis, and insert-name-here), we get Hall-Jokinen-Artyukhin and Ryan Malone in the four rounds that it takes to secure the win.

As a result, at least for a night, the Lightning are no longer at the very bottom of the standings. 27 points puts them ahead of the Islanders among the league's 30 teams. The St. Louis Blues and the Ottawa Senators are the next teams in the standings the Lightnign could very well pass on the road to redemption if this season high carries over into the new year.