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Season Preview

A collection of posts that preview the upcoming season for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Some thoughts on the 2022-23 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL season

You can call this a preview if you’d like

Tampa Bay Lightning Season Preview

Going for a Three-Peat!

The 2020-21 Tampa Bay Lightning preview

It should be another solid season for the Bolts

Tampa Bay Lightning at Columbus Blue Jackets preview: Three in a row for Vasy?

The Bolts start a quick road trip in Columbus.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2018-2019 season preview: The top six forwards

The top six is set. The question is how far they can carry this team.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2018-2019 season preview: The goalies

Andrei Vasilevskiy looks to take the next step

2018-2019 Tampa Bay Lightning season preview: The defense

The defense is locked in for now but change is possible as the season progresses.

Syracuse Crunch Roster Preview: Goaltending

Unlike last year, Syracuse looks to keep things simple.

Syracuse Crunch roster preview: Defense

The Crunch’s blue line gets a new look for the 2018-19 season.

2018-2019 Atlantic Division Predictions: Raw Charge reader rankings

Tell us how you think the Atlantic Division will unfold this season!

Thoughts, opinions and predictions for 2016-17

Some random thoughts on what will happen for the Lightning in 2015-16

7 must-see games of the first half of the Bolts' 2016-17 season

Penguins, Devils and Islanders, oh my.

Projecting the Lightning Roster: Defense

The blue line underwent another off season makeover and there are some fresh faces (some young, one old) likely to be in net this year, too.

Projecting the Lightning Roster: Forwards

Today is Tampa Bay Lightning day on, including a puzzling projection of Tampa Bay's forward lines come fall. Raw Charge weighs in with a roster projection of it's own.

Previewing the '12-13 Syracuse Crunch defense

Introducing the Syracuse Crunch defensemen from a statistical point of view.

Recapping the Raw Charge Season Previews

Raw Charge previewed the Tampa Bay Lightning's 2011-12 season in a series of posts. Here they all are.

Season Preview Part 6: What other people are saying

OK, so Raw Charge has posted it's season preview in 5 parts. What about around the rest of the Internet? Here's a collection of other previews from around the hockey media relating to the Bolts 2011-12 team.

Season Preview Part 5: 2011-12 season predictions

We at raw Charge are making our predictions for how the Tampa Bay Lightning will fare during the upcoming season.

Season Preview Part 4: Projected line combos and depth

In part 4 of our Season preview series, we present the line combinations we project for the season. Lines are always in flux, so don't hold fast to these.

Season Preview Part 3: The good and the bad - Three strengths, three weaknesses

The Tampa Bay Lightning are about the embark on the 2011-12 NHL season. Raw Charge is previewing various aspects of the team, and in Part 3, here are the three strengths and three weaknesses of the Lightning.

Season Preview Part 2: Whose line is it anyway? - Who's in, who's out

See ya later/Welcome home. Here's who's new and who's done with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Season Preview Part 1: "All In" - 2010-11 season recap

To know where the Lightning are as an organization starts by recollecting how we got to this point. We start our season preview series with a recap of the 2010-11 season.