Shameless Ebay Promotion

Seeing this is a Lightning blog and I'm selling some (two) Lightning items, I thought it'd probably help get things out there by advertising those things on here.

First item is a Tampa Bay Lightning away jersey... Not the greatest quality as it's a replica jersey (so the fabric is weird). But it's cheap... Patches and not screen print are used on this item.

The second item up for bid is something that I've held onto for years that I think someone might appreciate more than myself... The St. Petersburg Times 1996 Playoff Preview special section. With Larry Hirsch's "Yessir! Yessir!" scrawled across the top of the paper, it gives a glimpse back at the Lightning in it's early years (as well as a look back at our young fanbase)... I don't know if anyone has another copy of this thing -- let alone trying to sell it. I deem it ultra-rare and I believe it is so.

Anyway, take a look... And while we are at it, does anyone want a leather jacket?