Signings du jour

I was going to start this post off with just the facts - but talk about disrespect.

Nolan Pratt re-upped with the Lightning.... And even though he is a key contributor on a defense that has holes at current, his signing was second-tier news on in favor of Mitch Fritz and other probable Minor Leaguers.


Of course, with Fritz specs (6' 8", 258 lbs, LW) you woudl think that the Lightning are priming him for contending for the spot vacated by André Roy.

We'll see at camp.

Pratt opted to stay with the Lightning when he had the option to escape the team (a la Roy) as a 10 year vet not making the league average. He'll be a UFA in 2007 under the new deal (which is sorta impressive seeing he was all but cast off the last few years by the club).