Simple and Effective

Elaborate airbrushings and a maelstrom of imagery and graphic art are what dominate most goaltender masks throughout the NHL and juniors.  It's been the standard and the norm for decades now.

That being said, am I the only one who loves Mike McKenna's current mask?



There's nothing to it.  It's a blank, black paint job with the contrasting face shield over it. Yet in the minimalism of it, it stands out. For all the masks that i have seen Lightning goaltenders wear over the history of th team, I think I like this the best.

Why?  It fits the most basic property of design:  Less is more and keep it simple, stupid.

Yeah, goalie mask are supposed to show the goaltenders personality...  But in this case?  It's just fashionable instead of a over-complex mess.

Goalie Masks

I like'em artsy and original!9
I prefer them team orientated8
Less Is More and Keep It Simple7