Site work

Believe it or not, I'm not dead, maimed, brainwashed or any other malignant thing.... well, that's subjective (lazy can be termed as malignant, can't it?).

At any rate, I'm currently working behind the scenes here at Boltsmag after upgrading it to the latest version of Wordpress. Those who actually are on the site (hi Tiny) may run into a few problems or speed bumps or what not. Pleas let me know if you do run into a conflict (note -- a conflict with me not keeping the site up to date during the season doesn't count :-p ).


Update: Mind the error codes, will you?

And I'm now aware the Lightning Wallpaper page isn't quite working. Why doesn't anyone kvetch to me when these things break?

Update #2: I'd like to announce an official Archives page has been added to the site. I need to make some changes around here so that the Archive page shows up in the title menu...