Something I believe

The Lockout goes into effect at midnight eastern time tonight -- and repeating it is just repeating the doom and gloom of the months ahead -- and la de da. There's not much I can report but there is something that I've long believed that some people are acknowledging now which was dismissed in the past...

Thanks to, I found a great column by Dan Wetzel which basically sums up the shortcomings of Herr Commissioner, Gary Bettman:

Yahoo! Sports - NHL - Puck stops with Bettman

It is supposed to be the commissioner who either keeps the owners in line or figures out a way to generate so much new revenue it hardly matters.

Bettman has done neither.

Ain't it the truth?

The NHL still hosts a lot of dated features and is intimately tied to it's base in Canada. It's failed in expanding and that's part of the reason teh league is hurting. It was Gary's job to lead the league to sunnier financial pastures and what happened?

He's botched it up left and right.

This isn't me siding with the players in this dispute. Far from it. This is me voicing my displeasure with the commissioner of the National Hockey League.

It's too bad we can't vote in a new commissioner... Because it's high time that Gary and his game were pitted against someone else's vision for the league and someone else's proposed leadership...