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sour on the bucs

John asked for my thoughts on the draft this weekend in regards to the Buccaneers. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I am simply sour on the local ball team ever since they won Super Bowl XXXVII. Here’s my roundabout way of expressing that:

John: Are you another Calvin Johnson acolyte or do you actually have some thoughts on things that we need instead of want?Tommy: When Tony Dungy & Rich McKay were running things, i knew what they would do in the draft, and if i DINT know what they would do, I had complete confidence in their abilities to get the right piece of the puzzle.

Since then is another story. I can never tell what Gruden is thinking. And even afterward, i’m scratching my head on his picks. In addition, the end result is generally just average. They haven’t done a horrible job, but haven’t had any picks pan into a WOW, either.


In summary, I’m just not gonna guess anymore, and will try not to be surprised at what they do.

It’s just not easy to get excited about the team with Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden running the show – I don’t understand the way they think. I’m wondering if the rest of the Tampa Bay is starting to feel like this?

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