Stamkos update: He’s “fine,” Yzerman says, revealing nothing

We’re thirsty for more news on the captain.

Ever since Steven Stamkos’ season was cut cruelly short in November (yet again), there have been too few updates about his progress from the Lightning and/or Stamkos himself.

Stamkos has been tweeting at former Lightning players and about Team Canada a few times. Nothing so far on his progress.

When there finally was news over the long weekend, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting either. Tampa Bay Times reporter Joe Smith reported on Stamkos’ update and quoted general manager Steve Yzerman.

"He's doing fine.”

Nothing more. Nothing less because anything less would be nothing. Spoken like a true former NHL player.

Well, of course Stamkos is fine. We’re all “fine.” Fine is fine.

The article does include other updates like how Stamkos was still on crutches as of Dec. 23. And yeah, that’s it.

The Lightning — and Stamkos — of course have every right to keep the rehab process under wraps. But during a season that’s become brutally obvious that this team needs Stamkos (where you at, people who said the Bolts would be fine if Stamkos signed elsewhere?) — a little more positive news will keep everyone’s spirits up.

Until we’re told otherwise, we’ll keep counting down the days to mid-March, Stamkos’ expected return.