Steve Thomas and the Bush Administr--... er, I mean NHLPA

I swear, I want to laugh at this but the only true recourse is :rolleyes and shaking my head in disgust.

Steve Thomas, live on The Score in Canada last night, broke rank with the NHLPA and seemed to be his own man with the following comments:
"The fact that football and basketball both have a salary cap ... we can learn from how the day-to-day operations of those two entities work out and try and find some kind of a common ground between what they're going through and what we have right now."
All NHL fans would smile upon this -- the 41 year old Thomas breaking rank and actually showing the LEAGUE as a whole (players and owners) matter more than just petty squabbling. But wait! There's more ladies and gentlemen! Hours after this live interview on Canadian Television, a written statement was released by Steve Thomas, denouncing what had been said:
"I never have and never will support a salary cap and any reports that say otherwise are totally inaccurate."
If that letter released was signed by Thomas himself or Bob Goodenow on behalf of Thomas remains to be seen.Contradictions such as these are normally seen in rhetoric from the current United States Presidential Administraiton, which has denied comments it has made on television programs ever happened.

Whatever the case, the fans are still getting screwed as incompetance meets ineptitude in the NHL Labor War.