Steven Stamkos is on the mend and off crutches... And just as amazed about it as we are

It's been two weeks since Steven Stamkos broke his leg, and preceding today's presser with Stamkos was this tweet and photo:

That's just... wow. I don't associate people healing from a broken leg with walking unassisted. O'Donnell has a larger piece - talking to #91 as well as head coach Jon Cooper - over at Fox 13's website. You'll find in the article that it's not just me who is amazed by this, it's Stamkos himself:

"For me, I think it was just the mental thing of you just broke your leg and now you're walking on it," he said. "Just hopefully it doesn't break again, but the realization is that there is a rod in there now. It's even stronger than my other leg...Once you get over that, it gets a little easier."