The final game, the final question

It really dwarfs every other story that you can think of for tonight's hockey game, doesn't it? Will he or won't he? Can he and will he?

Any way you look at it, Tampa Bay Lightning center, star, wunderkind and resident Jeff Spicoli look-alike Steven Stamkos has a date with history tonight in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He either becomes the first player to reach the 60-goal plateau in the NHL in 4 seasons... or he doesn't.

Okay, that's sort of anti-climactic but it's still a point of interest. It's not good enough that Steven has taken over the Lightning's single-season goal scoring leader credo... He can mint his place on a list of very intimidating players as one of the few to achieve the feat by notching #60 tonight against the former-Thrashers of Winnipeg.

Yet with everyone looking for 60, it's going to be quite a challenge to actually achieve it on this last game of the season. Ondrej Pavelec, starting goalie for Winnipeg, hasn't exactly been known for being a pushover against Tampa Bay either: He has a 1.98 GAA against the Lightning this season and a .935 save percentage in five match-ups between the teams..

So, what do you think? Will he or won't he?

Will Steven Stamkos achieve 60 goals?