Stop whining already!

"That 5 on 3 was bullshit on Monday! That's the reason why the Lightning beat the Flames! Stupid Kerry Frazer!"

Lets review this, shall we? Tampa Bay got a 5 on 3 extremely early in the game and converted to make it 1-0. The Calgary Flames had 57 minutes -- basically the entire game -- to score once to tie the game.

And yet I find more Calgary fans who make the statement that the Lightning didn't deserve to win that game and that it was handed to them by the Refs. Well, here's a newsflash - neither did Calgary with how they played on ice.

Keith and me argued Monday night after he attended the game at Saddledome and one thing was for certain that we could agree on at the end: The game was garbage from top to bottom. Of course, I would think that Calgary fans wouldn't bring up the crappiness of the game if they were the ones who won... Instead? They're complaining about Kerry Frazer (nice toupee Kerry, now go join Dick Clark as the oldest wanna' be teenager) and one call that resulted in a score. It sucks, but stop whining about it already and focus on game 5....

(...or, to the pathetic media in Calgary, stop trying to slander Tampa to make up for the fact that this Southern Hockey franchise is tied with "Canada's Team" in the Stanley Cup Finals, all because you don't know how else to re-assure the fans that they and their team are better than the Lightning)