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Summer Fun: CLS Re-Drafting the NHL

Those crazy kids over at Cycle like the Sedins have finally cracked. Apparently, this hockey desert known as July has made them go off the deep end. In their fevered hockey-mad craziness, they’ve decided to throw a Re-Draft. Bloggers from select team blogs – including many from the SB Nation hockey family – are joining in to play GM.

The idea is simple: All of the current NHL players are free game to draft into a team. It’s like a fantasy league, but we’re also playing with a salary cap of $57 million.There may be a cap floor as well, but that hasn’t been determined as of yet. Things are still being pulled together at this point, so more details will come as we go along.

I am the Tampa Bay Lightning GM, and Tampa Bay has the third overall pick, which will probably be announced on either Wednesday or Thursday. The first round goes from #1-30, the second round is reversed so that it goes from #30-1, and it keeps going on like that until we’re done. If there are any players from anywhere in the NHL that you’d like to see drafted to our team – as well as determining whether to choose a goalie, defenseman, or a forward – please feel free to suggest them in the comments.

Check back for updates on our “new” team!

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