Tagged! I'm it!

Mike Chen, trying to wake the likes of me and others up from Summer Doldrums, has tagged me! I'm supposed to write five wierd things about myself and... hey, what the hell right? Lemme give you Wierdness 101 about John Fontana:

1) I was born on a football Sunday in New York where the Giants -- at 0-5 -- were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-0 for the first time in team history). The Giants ended up beating the Bucs. I always find it ironic that I ended up moving to Tampa Bay from New York. I'd witness the Giants win the Super Bowl here (1991) and the Bucs would win their own title 11 years later (in San Diego).

2) I ran a Beatles lyrics web site for several years online. Beatlelyrics.com got 1000 hits a day at it's height. In July 2002, Apple Corps. LTD. (the Beatles company) and Sony Music (...who represent Michael Jackson who owns the Beatles song catalog) would both send me cease-and-desist letters to shut down the site, saying I was causing grave damages by posting the lyrics online. Whatever...

3) I landed a dot-com web design job in 1998 simply by explaining my nickname on a message board (Artful Dodger) didn't mean I was a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, and that it was a reference to Charles Dickens book, "Oliver Twist". I came off smart enough in other baseball-related posts and discussion to earn the respect of the webmaster and ultimately land a job.

4) I have a rare genetic disease called Neurofibrometosis Type 2 that effects something like 1 in 68,000. It caused me to lose my hearing as a teenager (try going through high school with 25 percent or less of your original hearing) and ultimately go deaf. I currently have a variation of the Cochlear Implant so I can hear again.

5) I'm a movie obsessive. I can usually guess what movie is playing on TV within seconds of watching the film. It's an annoying habit for those who live with me to have me walk into a room and announce what film they are watching (that they just put on) and how good or bad the flick is. Oh well, we all have our talents right? ;)

I'm supposed to name a few people to tag here, but I'm late posting this as is so I am going to pass. Everyone's been asked as it stands... Well, most almost everyone in the hockey blog world.