Take it or leave it, Nik

From the Trib:

According to reports, Khabibulin was offered a five-year deal from the Lightning worth between $25 million and $30 million before the free-agency period opened earlier this week. The offer is believed to still be on the table, but other reports have indicated that Khabibulin is seeking closer to $7 million per year.Lets cut the crap Nik... If you're going to chase the money elsewhere - just say that Tampa Bay is off your list. If you're drawn at all to stay with the Bolts - do it. By stringing the team along, you're compromising the Lightning's ability to compete in the market. We're waiting on you.

Speaking of which - Jay Feaster better have more of a plan B up his sleeve if Nikolai does move on because there's too much out their to neglect. I wonder where Bill Barber stands with all this and what he's feeding the front office?