Tale of Compassion

I often site my buddy Tommy Duncan at Sticks of Fire for some odd thing about the Lightning or goings on with Tampa or this very web site. I'm happy to say I help (in a technical aspect) operate his web site. Tommy is a great guy, lead singer of a local band (JBGL ), and reading his last blog post I was compelled to share it with the rest of the sports community even though it's not a sports post.

Most of you know I've been taken aback and just shell shocked with things on the Gulf Coast. My posting has taken a dive though I've been active trying to promote donations to NOLA relief and a few posts here and there with regards to the Lightning... Nothing of substance really... Just news briefs and filler.

Tommy did something this weekend that just leaves me speechless and in awe of the compassion showed. He and his wife looked into donating goods to the disaster relief -- clothing, toys, things that families would need after losing everything -- and hit a roadblock with it... Up until they found a local couple that were taking in a refugee family from Gulfport, Mississippi.

I'll let Tommy do the rest of the talking by linking to his post and letting you read what happened. This story is something that gives me more faith in the populace than I have had this week. I'm ever-so-glad to call Tommy my friend and... well, damnit, I'm proud to be a Tampa Bay resident with the outpouring of support.