Tales of Rule-Change oddities

I was over on the Sun Sports message forums and came across rather interesting thread posted by Henri99. The subject of which I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere on the Blogsphere yet...

On rds.ca, a French Canadian hockey site, they have a big questionnaire about the vision of the NHL for 2006. All kinds of questions about the size of the league, configuration of playoffs, 2-line passing, 3-on-3 in OT (obviously they've been reading this forum ), playoffs, All-Star game, who should be commissioner and why, what kinds of HappyCrap they should add to entertain fans, etc. One of the questions is whether the league should adopt, in addition to the normal solid straight blue lines, checkered blue lines that mostly mirror them but then curve inward slightly toward the goal as attackers enter along the wings. This supposedly would allow wingers to take a few extra strides before taking a pass, without going offside. Also, it supposedly would prevent the D from forming a 4-man wall across the zone to prevent entry. Then once the puck is in the zone, the normal blue line takes over its function as usual until it leaves the zone again. Completely unnecessary with the 2-line pass to paint these extra lines on the ice IMO.

Curved Blue Lines?

At least one of the questions asked, how about just enforcing the rules as written. What a novel idea. I clicked on that one.