The Tampa Bay Lightning's new alternate jerseys premiere tomorrow

New! Black! Uniforms!


The Tampa Bay Lightning will be debuting their new third black jerseys tomorrow versus the San Jose Sharks. For those who longed for the return of black to the Bolts uniforms have gotten their wish. In spades, as it were. (Spades are black, get it? No? Okay, I'll show myself out here in a second.)

Some people love it, and others aren't so thrilled. They sort of seem like a copy of a previous jersey. From a commercial. Did you know that Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has already worn a similar uniform?

Personally, my biggest gripe is that the blue band on the socks isn't found anywhere else on the uniform. If they'd copied that on the arms, I might've been okay with it. But as it stands, it sort of seems unfinished to me.

I do like the black hockey pants with the blue lightning "stripe" down the sides, however. That's probably the best part of the uniform for me. The rest of it goes along with the blandness of their regular blue and white uniforms, which is probably about all that one could really expect.

Regardless, we will get to see the new alternates in all of their glory tomorrow against a team that helped popularize the whole black uniform phenomenon in the NHL.

What do you think of the new Tampa Bay Lightning alternate jersey?

I like it!237
Gross..No likey.35
Meh. When's the next puck drop?71