Which way to daylight? Tampa Bay Lightning at Winnipeg Jets preview

Tonight's game is not postponed on account of Guy Boucher's dismissal. What is going to happen? Dunno. What do you need to know about the Lightning leading into this game? Not sure, besides continued uncertainty.

WHERE: MTS Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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MEDIA: Sun Sports (cable), 970 WFLA (radio)

I'm not even sure where to start on this, to be frank and honest with readers. Everything has been turned upside-down by the announcement Guy Boucher is out with the Lightning. It would seem Steve Yzerman's patience has worn out and his rive for excellence has kicked in.

What isn't answered is how the Lightning gets there from here? Here, by the way, is the Canadian prairie town of Winnipeg where the former Thrashers of Atlanta are now vying for a division title as the Winnipeg Jets.

Yesterday in Ontario, the Bolts were a lot of the same that has been wrong the past several days weeks months in Tampa. They put up an effort in the end but it was well after they dug themselves an insurmountable hole.

Okay, that happened, now what?

Who's in goal? Don't know. Have the line combos changed? Can't tell you. Who is tending to coaching duties? Beats me. Do they have a chance? Your best guess is as good as mine.

I mean, seriously, Martin Raymond and Dan LaCroix remain as assistants and both will be behind the bench tonight - a shared responsibility in coaching this game. This serves as ample opportunity for the Jets to build upon their division lead. They're in need to do as much since they dropped a pair of crucial games against the Washington capitals this past week. Carolyn has a great recap of the entire Southeast Division that you should be reading anyway... Why aren't you?

The Bolts are all of five points out of a playoff spot; they're all of three points out of the National Hockey League cellar.

This is rock bottom, as it's unclear what the path is at this moment to return to daylight. General Manager Steve Yzerman may have that plan all thought out, but that's between he and his staff. We won't know the details for some time yet. And neither will the players.

This is where real leaders step up and lead, in this adversity. Keep an eye on your Tampa Bay Lightning tonight for that very reason. I've written off this game (and this road trip as a whole) but if someone leads, if someone makes a statement this roster is not a lost cause, a sliver of hope will rear its head once again into the lives of Lightning fans.

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