This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: We’re in it now...or are we?

This season, Senior Columnist Clark Brooks will take the pulse of Raw Charge nation with a weekly poll about current or future events and non-happenings, for the sake of accomplishing not much, probably.

As of the time this poll is published, the Lightning are 10-2-2, with 22 points and in first place with a five-point lead over the Ottawa Senators in the Atlantic Division.

Before we get to the poll question itself, let’s establish a couple indisputable truths:

  • This is November. There’s a long, long way to go and the Lightning have guaranteed themselves nothing.
  • A good start is better than a bad one (duh), but it doesn’t always result in anything significant (see: Montreal Canadiens, last couple of seasons).
  • There will be bumps in the road, because there always are and sometimes those bumps ruin everything (see: Montreal Canadiens, last couple of seasons)/

Having established these truths, we find ourselves with 17% of the season in the rearview mirror and a pretty spectacular record. Closer to 20% (or one-fifth) than 10%. That’s a good-sized chunk.

And before anybody gets upset, we’re not “jinxing” anything. Nobody’s counting any chickens, unhatched or otherwise. If the record reflected otherwise, we wouldn’t be conceding defeat (see: Arizona Coyotes, right now). We’re merely asking, when does the start stop being just a start and become more than that?

So that’s this week’s question; at what point do we stop saying this is a great start and start saying this is a great season?

Are the Tampa Bay Lightning off to more than a good start yet?

Yes. We’re far enough along to be “for real”. Relax and enjoy what should be a great season!112
Yes, but not nearly far enough along to get too excited about it. 152
No. The amount of games played is not enough to make any kind of evaluation yet.21
No, and it’s not even that great a start; there are obvious flaws and defects that need to be corrected.15