Tampa Bay Lightning Game72: at the Florida Panthers

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Florida Panthers 3-2.

There really isn't a lot to say about this game. The Lightning came out playing like they'd just fallen out of playoffs, and ended probably officially fallen out of playoffs. There was no fight left in this team - despite Zenon Konopka getting into two fights in the first. They came out with a defeated attitude, and left the game defeated.

Talent and breaks weren't even an issue - how could they be? They tried, and I have no doubt that they played their best. But while physically they were there, mentally they'd already given up on the season. About the only players who were mentally present were Konopka and Steve Downie.

It's interesting how the scrappers on the team are always the last ones to throw in the towel, isn't it? And that's true on any team in any sport. They will play until the bitter end thinking that there's always a chance they can win it - or at least tie it up - even if they're down by three or more. I guess that's why they're typically fan favorites, huh?

The next game is against the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday, 23 March. Game time is 7:30 pm Eastern.

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