Recap: Bolts beat Bruins 3-2 in brutal regulation bash

Goalies were hit, goals were scored, talent shone

The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Boston Bruins 3-2 in regulation at home in the last game for the Storm Jerseys this season. The Lightning never trailed against the Bruins, who earned their sixth regulation (and 10th in total) loss of the season. It was a war of attrition between the two divisional rivals who could see themselves against each other in the second round again this Spring. In fact, it’s much closer to a 50% chance than a standard 25% chance with the Bruins so far ahead of whoever comes out of the Metro.

With the win, the Lightning pulled to within five points of the Toronto Maple Leafs with two games in hand. They’re still 17 points (!) behind the Bruins, but the gap closed a little more after tonight. The Lightning earned themselves their 11st consecutive home win. The Bruins, Leafs, and Lightning have the best three home records in the NHL.

Nikita Kucherov, Victor Hedman, and Brandon Hagel all scored for the Lightning in the continuously tight game. Kucherov led the way with two additional assists, along with Brayden Point. Steven Stamkos chipped in with an assist as well. The big boys came up big against the league’s best.

The Lightning had one more power play opportunity than the Bruins in the game, with their first man advantage making the difference in the first period. The Lightning had six shots on their power plays, while the Bruins could only muster two.

First Period

The two sides kicked off the game with an old fashioned fight.


Hagel on the PP! This goal was really funny from the Bolts perspective because the moment Hagel passed the puck away as he headed to the net, all the Bruins defenders in the area gravitated right to Point and Kucherov. That influence gave Hagel a wide open slot to score from. All Kucherov had to do was get the puck over, which obviously he did. Point got the other assist.

After One

It was a very even, very viscous period on both sides. The Lightning started off well, carrying slightly more of the play and getting the chances as a result. The second half saw the Bruins be in the offensive zone more. By the end of the first, both teams had held possession in the offensive zone for 6:30 each. The Bruins looked especially dangerous at the end of the period when they had their power play. Vasy was fortunate his defender tied up the Bruins stick as he stretched back to make the save. It was a blur I didn’t remember who it was.

Second Period

The next half hour saw a lot of goalies getting attacked, by both sides on both sides. First, Colton and Carlo dove into the net together, knocking Ullmark off his feet.

Kucherov was very close to padding the lead in the half-minute power play opportunity for the Bolts. The Bolts would hit a lot of posts in the period.

Another goalie crashing, this time at the other end. Hall crashed into Vasilevskiy after he and Sergachev tangled. Sergachev changed course and went right after him as the whistle blew and a big scrum ensued. Pissed off, Sergachev shoved the net on his way to the bench. At the end of the day, Hall got two for goalie interference, and Sergachev got two for roughing to give us some 4v4.


The Bruins tied it immediately. Marchand a minute into the penalties at even strength. Apologies for the Bruins broadcast goal. God, I hate Jack Edwards, breathing turd.

After Two

It was definitely a war of attrition as shots were once again a dead heat. Both sides were very heated by this point, especially on the topic of running into goalies.

Third Period

McAvoy down as he and Perbix both went hard into the board at a high speed chasing the puck. It wasn’t a hit from one into the other, but both against the immovable wall. McAvoy was down for a while and needed help to the dressing room. He did return to the game after concussion protocol later in the third.


Kucherov scored on the next faceoff, but didn’t celebrate very much considering what had just happened. Respectful move in a very contentious and vicious game. Sneaky faceoff move from Stamkos on the goal that Bergeron wasn’t happy with.


And Boston tied it up again pretty quickly after with Pavel Zacha from Krejci and Pastrnak. Sergachev and Stamkos couldn’t get the puck out of the zone, Vasilevskiy gave up a big rebound while scrambling and Zacha finished it off. Pastrnak was tough to stop on the goal, getting the secondary assist.

Colton drove across the blue paint and clipped Ullmark in the head, taking a penalty that he didn’t like. He also needed some cotton up his nose as he went to the box after he got filled in by Forbort. Colton got the extra penalty (I would’ve thought there would be more 4v4) so the Lightning had to kill the penalty.


HEDDY!!! The Bruins got in their own way, with Carlo bowling into Ullmark as Point tried to center the puck. It eventually bounced around the boards to Hedman who smashed the puck into the open net.

The Lightning did an excellent job keeping the puck in the offensive zone from the fourth minute to the second minute, but the Bruins eventually got into the Bolts zone and pulled their goalie.

The Lightning held firm and they won for their 11th consecutive home win!!

After Three

I really liked the third period from the Lightning, they played more offense than the Bruins, even with the lead, and only had to hold it together in their own zone at the very end in the final two minutes. Good efficient use of energy.

The Bruins have lost five of their six games without gaining the lead at any point. While it might be obvious to always be ahead, keeping the Bruins an arm’s length away and forcing them to play offense means their strong defense is less of a bottleneck for their opponents.