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Lightning Round: rumors of a new NHLPA union executive director

Insider Trading from yesterday talked about the Bo Horvat trade and possible contract extension. I believe Lou Lamoriello paid a high premium to talk to Horvat first before he got on the open market. Maybe it was worth it to sign him on a slightly cheaper extension, but it certainly won’t do them much this year as they have a long shot at the playoffs. They have to beat at least two teams (possibly including Florida) for the final wild card spot. There was more talk about the Canucks, but also discussions on the next NHLPA director. [TSN]

“Not just a UFA season in his prime having a career season, and that is the allure of maybe going to the market and he could, but what I would tell you is he is hoping to have that discussion with the Islanders about an extension. Those contract talks have not begun yet but they will commence in short order, is what I am being told.”

Gustav Nyquist of the Blue Jackets is out indefinitely with an upper-body injury. However, CBJ has said he will be able to play before the end of the season, possibly making him available again for teams heading to the playoffs. Katya at PPP breaks down how he can actually be a free addition for teams close to the cap. The article is from the Leafs perspective, but the Bolts are in the same position. [PPP]

“Now this is a weird situation because a team that acquires him — let’s say for fun, they do it today — they would need to be able to fit that cap hit on the roster and then put him on LTIR, making it then vanish. If the team is in LTIR the pool has to be $5.5 million, Nyquist jumps in, then the pool magically expands back to $5.5 million as he is himself put on LTIR.”

As a Canadian, I knew very little about the NCAA or any college sports system. I know that sounds wild for people who grew up around college football, basketball, hockey, and other sports. For Canadians, college/university sports isn’t “interesting”. But I’ve learned how the system works and appreciate how important it is. But I had no idea what the high school systems looked like until I ran into a draft prospect from a couple years ago named Jake Boltmann (who ended up going to the Flames). Remember him? I really wanted the Bolts to draft him. Either way, he came out of Minnesota and I had no idea their high school system was so complicated. And if you don’t either, the Hockey News breaks it all down right here. [The Hockey News]

“The proximity is a big thing, but it’s also the hockey history of both schools and communities,” Brock Nelson said. “A lot of talent has come out of there. It’s a little more attitude because it’s smaller communities, smaller numbers – you play with the same group for 10, 13 years and it’s the same with them. You’re playing them in hockey, you’re playing them in golf and football; everything. It definitely makes for some heated match-ups.”

The Lightning are in the middle of their Bye Week around the NHL All-Star Game. Here’s a breakdown of the Bye Week rules. [PPP]

“Players can be loaned to the AHL in the normal manner, but only on the last day of NHL activity. No one has to hop on a plane from Grand Cayman to go join an AHL team. This is not a trade or waiver freeze, however, so any player transactions can take place. The players just don’t need to report until the week is over.”

The NHL didn’t want to kick someone off the Metro team or find a replacement on the Pacific team, so they’re just making Horvat do both.

Mark Stone had back surgery and is out indefinitely. Is that the rest of the season? Maybe until the playoffs? It’s not clear.

BRUCE! There it is!

Kids need role models, people who will give them permission to try the things that interest them. And also be like the big sibling and carve a path, leaving hints and tips along the way. Saroya Tinker is an excellent role model for girls and boys who want to play hockey.

Boston beat Toronto last night, meaning the Lightning will be released from their bye week five points behind with four games in hand.

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