Lightning Round: why not the Storm jerseys?

Pick the jersey that’s as old as me!

Let’s get right to the point, if the Tampa Bay Lightning were going to implement a retro third jersey, the one that fly off the virtual shelves would’ve been the infamous Storm jerseys.

Blue, black, and grey. Bright lightning bolts on the sides. Perhaps some whimsical waves at the bottom to tie it all together. To put it simply, that jersey is a work of 90’s art. If the Lightning were going to modernize a retro jersey from their history, it had to be this one.

Tampa Bay Lightning (unofficial) Jersey History
The Ugly Sweater: Presenting the worst uniform design in Lightning history

I know friend-of-the-blog ElSeldo really wants to see it (seriously, he’s been going on about it for years).

But it looks like they won’t be going in that direction, instead bringing back the threads the team wore when they won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. We’re champions! It’s great! Let’s boast about it to everyone who will and won’t listen!

Tampa Bay Lightning release details of new Reverse Retro jersey

We don’t know what the jerseys are officially going to look like yet — though people have some ideas. Maybe we do get some pops of electric yellow on the design? Perhaps I’m reading too much into the emoji the team used in the announcement tweet. With black, white, and blue (with. hint of silver) that’s probably all we get.

Looking at all eight jerseys from the Atlantic division that were teased, I don’t like the jerseys that are simple. It’s boring. The Leafs jersey, despite my fandom, might only be better than the Red Wings potential design. I hope the Sens do something more than red on red, too. I like that the Bolts jersey has a bit more too it, I really dig the jerseys from their era. I just would’ve gone all-in with the pops of yellow. I’ll try not to complain too much, I promise.

Steven Stamkos, Ryan McDonagh, and their friend Stanley visited the Children’s Cancer Center last week. Be sure to read the top comment on the video, it cracked me up.

Tampa Bay Lightning prospect Jaydon Dureau is proud of his Cree heritage and especially his “Kohkom.” His feature is definitely worth your read.

Hockey Twitter woke up from its long slumber yesterday when the NHL Network revealed their fan vote of the Top 20 centers in the NHL. People basically stopped at Jimmy Hayes at #6  and couldn’t go any further. There were also some fun hot takes regarding Connor McDavid and his abysmal defensive play despite four seasons of experience in the league already.

The Oilers are a glass cannon team that leans into McDavid’s offense because they know the other lines can’t produce on a given night and are too porous defensively to take on more than a few minutes. Someone has to score, and only McDavid and his linemates can do it (with lots of time on the power play just in case).