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Tampa Bay Lightning: Stanley Cup Champions — Five Years Later

This still gives me chills:


I do not lament the fact it’s been five years since the Tampa Bay Lightning were named Stanley Cup Champions. I revel in the memories from that season.

You see, once the team finished hoisting the Championship banner on October 5th, 2005 — “a year in the making” I joked at the time as the NHL resumed from it’s work stoppage, I knew it was all work ahead.  That’s pro-sports for you.

Things change in sports, that’s just how it goes.  From the rafters to the cellar in a matter of years…  It’s not like that hadn’t happened before.  Yes, things change, but the memories we take from the events that we see and experience…  Those last forever.

Revel in it.  It happened.  That was us.  And it can happen again.

Just when that might be remains to be seen…

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