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This week’s poll: Way out west

If there’s one thing we as the collective fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning don’t like, it’s the western road trip. It’s one thing we don’t like, anyway. There are probably others but this isn’t about those.

Of course the dreaded western road trip is a necessary circumstance that happens a couple times a season, because the Lightning have to take on opponents where they live and some of those opponents live so far away that the very fabric of time itself is warped in the process. It’s necessary but it stinks if you don’t want to stay up til the wee hours of the morning to watch the game. Or worse, if you’re not able to stay up that late for any number of valid reasons and you have to look up the score the next day to find out what happened.

I suppose it’s no fun for fans who live out west to have to watch their teams play in the middle of the afternoon when they travel east, but who has time to worry about their concerns when we have stuff to complain about?

Having played the Sharks on Wednesday, the Kings on Thursday and a trip to Anaheim to face the Ducks Sunday, the Lightning are smack dab in the middle of their first western sojourn of the season. They’ll visit Arizona, Colorado and Las Vegas in December and head out to Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton in early February.

It’s not a situation that’s ever going to change, so all we can do as fans is deal with it. This week’s question is, how do YOU deal with the western road trips?

Well… ??

I don’t care where it’s played; I stay up and watch and/or listen to the entire game from start to finish because I’m a real fan. 59
I set an alarm to wake up and hopefully catch the end of the game or at least find out the score right after because I’m a real fan but I have to get up early. 5
I get updates via Raw Charge while doing other things on line because I’m a good person. 2
I check the scores from around the league when I wake up the next morning because I’m not a maniac. 28
Read books or watch other stuff on TV until they get home or at least no further away than St. Louis because I’m a bad person. 0

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