Tampa Bay Lightning trying to Trade up in NHL Draft

Instead of writing an update again in our open thread, we wanted to highlight the fact that the Lightning have been talking for most of the night about trading up to get someone from their top draft-option list that is still on the board.

We're trying to guess just who that player is and we've narrowed it down to two players... Defensiveman Simon Despres or Right Wing Zach Budish.  Guessing based on SB Nation's NHL Mock Draft and selections from the night so far.

Our original hunch was John Moore, but Moore was taken and the "We want to trade up" talk continued. But with the 1st round nearing a close, trading up could become moot. The Lightning's next selection is at #32.

[update!] #29 was acquired by the Lightning.from Detroit....  And it looks like it will be Carter Ashton