Tampa Bay Rays temporarily turning their backs on Lightning to support Blackhawks

The good natured, light hearted side of me is chuckling and bemused by Joe Maddon's latest themed-roadtrip:  everyone wears hockey sweaters.

And then comes the bitter homer: The roster and coaching staff will be wearing Chicago Blackhawks jerseys on said trip. Oh, sure, 'Hawks vs. Flyers gets kicked off this weekend and Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia (in Football, in Baseball and even in Hockey) has some history and bad blood... So supporting the opponent of a Philly team is understandable. In fact, that's Hickey's justification:

"I think we're going to get 20, maybe 25 guys to do it," Hickey says. "Nothing like a little pro-Chicago, anti-Philadelphia sentiment. I thought we could share our mutual dislike for Philadelphia sports teams."

I just have to wonder if Zeke's lousy pitching helped to influence the Rays opting for the 'Hawks over donning Lightning jersey's on this trip?