The Ballad of Vincent Lecavalier

Lightning Shout, another member of the Tampa Bay Boltosphere, gathered a number of comments from insiders, head honchos, fans, bloggers, media-type-persons and what not to put together a lengthy post regarding the opinion of whether captain Vincent Lecavalier should be kept or dealt.

Some views are about the basic situation, such as how Vincent costs the Bolts too much and that's why he ought to be dealt:

Jeff Morrill from Riverview, FL: Vinny Lecavalier possibly traded? He may be known as the face of the franchise but I think he's paid more than he should be. When you have a team struggling as a whole I think the Lightning’s money would be better spent filling the many holes in the roster. As St Louis remains the heart of the team, Stamkos has the potential to be as good, if not better, than Lecavalier. Let's face it, we're rebuilding.

Others address the fact that it's not so simple, given who is calling the shots on a deal:

BoltHonker from Plant City, FL: Are you freaking kidding me? Oren Klueless is ignorant if he lets this happen. Lawton has no shame as he has already shown by hiring his wife without any thought of what the fans would think. If he trades “The Franchise” he will destroy hockey here in Tampa forever. Vinny does so much for children’s cancer and other Tampa community causes. This will seal Lawton’s legacy…”the idiot who traded Vinny.”

With a healthy dose or remarks and opinions from many more sources (including  remarks from ownership and management itself), WBPhilip gives a grand overview of the large scope of opinions attached to the question of trading Vincent Lecavalier.  And in most cases, it's from a local perspective and not the wishful-thinking, what-if mentality that is so often the driving force behind the question of a trade.

The simplest way to summarize everything from the post is this:  it ain't a black-and-white, yes-or-no question unless you're chaffing at the bit to see a deal get done that sends #4 away from Tampa.