The benchmark to exceed at #6

Doug Janik signed a 2 way contract with the Lightning today (this is days after Karl Stewart also was re-upped) and immediately sticks his foot into the #6 D-man role by default. Whatever your opinion is of Janik -- he is a veteran of the Lightning's defensive system which puts him in the lead among the new depth signings and prospects.

But this benchmark can easily be jumped by most anyone on the Lightning's defensive depth chart at current. Lampman, Jancevski, Smaby, Rogers, Egener, Malhik need to perform (at whatever level and whatever pre-season training camp -- Traverse City or Brandon at the Ice Sports Forum) better than Janik to begin their quest for a roster spot. Getting past each other, however, may prove more difficult than getting past Doug Janik though.

The Lined Up Update has been updated to coincide these transactions.